Multiway Generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis (MGCCA)

Regularized Generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis (RGCCA) is a general multiblock data analysis framework that encompasses several important multivariate analysis methods such as principal component analysis, partial least squares regression and several versions of generalized canonical correlation analysis. RGCCA was extended to the case where at least one block has a tensor structure. This method is called Multiway Generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis (MGCCA)....


Haplotype association studies

Haplotypes are genetic variations that are inherited together. They define a partition of the genome in blocks of various length. In multivartiate studies we evaluate their potential correlation with brain features in normal population....


Network regularization in imaging-genetics

Structural MRI is combined with genetic data while using prior knowledge of interactions between genes. A Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA) approach endowed with graph regularization is used....