International resources we use in imaging-genetics


We use current unvaluable international resources as reference for imaging genetics. In particular we estimate reference values for heritability of brain phenotypes. Many databases are available for imaging-genetics like braineacs or GTEx, but we specifically invest efforts on four cohorts that contain high quality MR images, and pedigree or genotyping information: (i) the UK Biobank cohort will gather up to 100,000 control subjects with MR and genetics, (ii) the Human Connectom Project youg control adult cohort consisting in 1,200 subjcts with MR pedigree and genotyping, (iii) the Healthy Brain Cohort with ~2,000 control adolescents and, (iv) the ADNI cohort which includes longitudinal MR and genetics to study Alzheimer’s disease.

We obtained access to these data and we analyzed them for various scientific projects (see recent publications).